Having graduated from the Amsterdam School of Fine Arts in in 1995 (Drawing and Painting) I  decedid to devote myself to painting portraits. I am paint ing portraits directly from people modeling live for me as well as with the help of their photographs. The last few years I also made several posthumous portraits.

Since 2000 I make erotic drawings too. Wet drawings with figurative, suggestive representations. I use bistre and water painting, sometimes combined with oil pastel. I also like the structure of text or (meaningless) words. 

Once a week , in collaboration with Rozé van Leemput , I make drawings for a cartoon serial. He provides me with one or wo line texts about the dayly life of Kick and Ickx, two imaginary people or for the cartoon serial entitled "Old and Worn out" (referring to the process of getting older).

For the time being my challenge wil be to bring together detailled portrait painting on the one hand and free drawing on the other. What inspires me are people, whether real or fictional.